3 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Electronics Online Instead Of Through Brick-And-Motor Store

//3 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Electronics Online Instead Of Through Brick-And-Motor Store

The deep penetration of the internet has seen many activities move online. In fact, the rapid advances of internet technologies have heralded a new age of e-commerce. In 2012, for example, e-commerce sales topped $ 1 trillion in the entire world, with electronics making a list as some of the best-selling items. Today, many people like to shop for their electronics online because they don’t want to go through the hassle of driving to a brick-and-motor store. And that explains why you should start a business of selling electronics online. Here are the reasons why you should sell your electronics online over brick-and-motor store:

  • You should sell electronics online because shoppers are already online

There are approximately 6.5 billion people on earth today. According to numerous researchers, 27% of them shop online. And in America, about 70% of the population shop online. This is an indication that more people are shopping online today than ever. And with rapid internet penetration and advances in technology, this number is expected to increase. So, when thinking of selling electronics, think online.

  • Choose to sell online because mobile devices will dominate sales in the future

A few years ago, Google changed its ranking algorithm from desktop to mobile first indexing. This means that if your website is not mobile friendly, your search engine rankings will suffer. Google made this decision because they realized that a lot of people are searching for products and services online using their mobile devices, and this trend is increasing at a frantic pace. In fact, it’s projected that in the next decade, mobile will dominate online sales. This is the reason why you should choose to sell electronics online, as opposed to a brick-and-mortar store.

  • It’s easier than ever to create an e-commerce website to sell electronics

Some years back, only large businesses and corporations could afford to create websites. That’s because there was no other option but to hire a web designer to create a custom design website. Creating a custom design website is expensive. Thanks to technology, the internet is littered with website builders that allow you to create your own website cost-effectively and start selling online. So it’s cheaper to sell electronics online than through a brick-and-motor store.


Creating an online store to sell your electronics doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a brick-and-motor store. Some customers still prefer to buy in physical stores. Therefore, create a brick-and-mortar store to take advantage this group of customers and maximize your electronics sales.

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